What is Kidney Stone and what symptoms make it a severe disease?

What is Kidney Stone and what symptoms make it a severe disease?

Whatever food we eat, passes through our gastric track filtered through the kidneys, and then eliminated from the bodies. The role of kidneys in our digestion is to filter out all the impurities and assure the secure absorption of the nutrients.

In this filtration process, there are severe chances that some hazardous impurities may stick up in the track and block or slow down the passage of urine. These hazardous materials can be small, rough slow down of mineral and acid salts. The thick ball is thus termed a kidney stone.

The term stone is given as the deposits are pure minerals and salts, which is the actual composition of a stone. A person suffering from a kidney stone may face mild to severe indications but the acuteness of the indications is what makes it a severe disease.

What are the common threats for a kidney stone bearer?

The indications of kidney stones may seem normal but can result in drastic effects if foreseen.

  • Pain in the side part of the body: Kidney stone is well known for its threats of pain. The ache caused is extremely severe, sharp, and acute. Although not continuous but can be breathtaking at times.
  • Urge to urine: You may feel the sudden urge to go to the bathroom throughout the day. The reason is when the stone runs down to your urine track you feel a sudden urge to use the bathroom.
  • Burning and pain during urination: Normally burning sensation in urination may occur due to less amount of water consumption. But when you feel burning as well as pain when you pee you need to give yourself attention.

The acuteness of kidney stones may vary from mild to severe and thus needs a strong consultation of a Physician. There are cases when the medical treatment is not enough and surgery is needed. Tirath Ram Shah Hospital in Delhi has handled such cases successfully and has flourished numerous people with a painless life.

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