Anal Stretch With Polypectomy

Anal Stretch With Polypectomy

What is Polypectomy?

Polypectomy is a procedure in which the surgeons remove the abnormally grown tissue(polyp) from the longest part of the large intestine that is colon. It can also be performed to remove pulp from the stomach, nose or inside any other body part. The two common types of polypectomy are uterine and colon polypectomy. A team of physicians and surgeons at Tirath Ram Shah Charitable Hospital hold good experience in performing this surgery and understand the situation well.

Why is it important to treat polyp?

It could be cancerous and operating the tissues is essential because it can spread further and make cases go worse. The infection which could be present in the polyp is the major reason for higher risk.

What is the process involved in this surgery?

The doctors first give anesthesia to the patient to make them feel drowsy. In some cases the patient stays awake and it is completely according to the comfort of the patient. There is a scope which is used for removal of abnormal growth of tissues. A scope is a type like structure which also has a camera at one end to guide the clearer picture to the surgeons. The process doesn’t take much time and a patient recovers within 2 weeks of surgery.

Symptoms of Polypectomy

Difficulty in passing the stool is the major symptom which people come across in polyp

Mild fever is also one of the symptoms

  • Constipation
  • Vomiting


Do not lift heavy weight

After the surgery the body goes into a recovery state and it is important for a patient to take proper rest. Lifting the weight can open the wound and can cause internal bleeding.

Get in touch with doctor in case of emergency

The doctors at Tirath Ram Shah Charitable Hospital help a patient and their family in telling the cases when they immediately have to get in touch with a doctor. A delay in situations like heavy pain can cause harm to the body. Constant heavy stomach pain is one of the situations which is considered as critical in such surgeries.

Do not do exercise

Exercising can stretch the skin and can open the wound. It is always suggested to wait till the doctors ask the patients to start doing some normal exercise.

Pause in consumption of medicine

In some cases patients stop consuming the medicine or start the irregular consumption of medicine which can cause major health issues. There is a time period for which the doctors suggest that the patient has to consume the medicine. It is always advisable to follow that.

What could be the causes of polyp?

  • Dehydration – It is advised to drink at least 2 litres of water in a day.
  • Lack of physical activity – Doing some physical activity can prevent the abnormal growth of such tissues.
  • Change in diet
  • Lack of fiber in the diet – The dieticians at the hospital can suggest the best diet plan that can provide appropriate amounts of fiber to the body.
  • Old age – When the supply of all the nutrition is regular then the abnormal growth of such tissues becomes minimal.

The surgeons and other deities present at the hospital are professional in regard to such surgeries and they suggest the best plan to prevent polyp from happening. The regulars follow the routine which they suggest helps patients in living a happy life again.


Polypectomy is a surgery in which the removal of abnormal tissues happens from the body. There are some precautions which one should take to prevent the growth of these tissues.

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