Right Nephrectomy

Right Nephrectomy

What is Right nephrectomy?

The word nephro means kidney and ectomy refers to removal. It is a surgery in which surgeons remove the right kidney, the fat surrounding that kidney and the adrenal gland. It is a pain-less surgery where the surgeons make multiple cuts near the ribs and belly to remove the kidney.
The team of professional surgeons at Tirath Ram Shah Charitable Hospital hold years of experience in nephrectomy surgery. Something which is important for a patient before surgery is to get proper care and calm feeling. The doctors at this hospital take care of all these things.

Procedure of nephrectomy

  • The surgeons cut the skin from multiple places and make a cut of 1 inches. There is a use of a camera while performing this surgery as it gives a clearer picture to the surgeons.
  • There is a cut which comes on the ureter but before that the surgeons make a bigger cut of upto 30 centimeters and place a bag beneath the kidney. Once all of this is over then the kidney is finally pulled out.
  • The professional doctors present at the Tirath Ram Shah Charitable Hospital ensure that they perform tests and diagnosis before surgery. Ultimately it helps in getting faster relief from problems.
  • The Time which the surgery takes is more than radical and simple nephrectomy and the surgeons at Tirath Ram Shah Charitable Hospital are experts in doing safe surgeries.


  • Kidney cancer, disease and infection is the reason that people come across this surgery. One common symptom is the presence of blood in urine and pain near the belly. In some cases it also feels like pressure under the ribs.
  • Swelling in the ankle and legs is also a symptom of kidney cancer. One can surely visit a good doctor to get the diagnosis.
  • Weight loss is another symptom which is common and the kidney plays a vital role in holding the proteins and other necessary supplements.


Do not take bath

After the surgery there are stitches on the skin and when a patient takes a bath the skin becomes loose. It could open the wound and can start bleeding too. The doctors always suggest that the patient should reach out to the doctor for all such suggestions.

Do not do exercises

While exercise the body stretches up and that can affect the area which has the wound. One has to take rest and do have to lift weight or jump so that the wound could heal up quickly. Doctors at Tirath Ram Shah Charitable Hospital suggest the best exercises which one can do after a few weeks of surgery.

Consume food which is easily digestible

Indigestion can make a person feel uncomfortable and that is why the doctor suggests easily digestible food. The dieticians in the hospital can suggest the routine which one has to follow to ensure quick recovery after the surgery.

The patients are supposed to seek a doctor immediately in case they come across any problem after the surgery.


Nephrectomy surgery is performed to get rid from kidney diseases, kidney cancer and infection. The procedure doesn’t take much time and it happens to be painless. There are some precautions which the doctors suggest after the surgery.  One can easily recognize by observing the symptoms present in this writeup that there is a need to consult the doctor or not. Other than that the doctors run various diagnosis tests to get better clarity of the problem. Delay in Nephrectomy surgery can make the situation go worse.

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