What is splenectomy surgery?

The removal of spleen, which is placed under the left side of the ribs and is responsible for removal of all the infection and the bacteria which causes it. The white blood cells act as a destroyer for all these bacteria and protect all the blood cells that is white, red and platelets. It is a crucial part of the human body and proper care is necessary before and after the surgery.

The expert surgeons present at Tirath Ram Shah Charitable Hospital hold a good experience in doing the splenectomy surgery. The primary aspect which the hospital ensures during these surgeries is that the patient should feel calm and comfortable during the surgery.

Why is there a need for a splenectomy?

In most cases it is the injury which happens on the spleen and leaves it open. The internal bleeding increases the risk and that is the reason that surgery should happen as early as possible. In cancer people face problems like swelling in the spleen and the function of spleen decreases further. That is also a reason that the surgery for the removal of the spleen happens.

How is splenectomy surgery done?

Laparoscope is the instrument which surgeons use for doing this surgery and it has light and camera at one end. The camera and light guide the way to the surgeons and there are 3 to 4 cuts near the abdomen which surgeons apply for inserting this instrument.

Next step is the release of carbon dioxide in the stomach so that the organs could create the space with spleen. That makes it easier for surgeons in performing the surgery.

Impact of splenectomy surgery

Weak immune system

Spleen filter the blood and destroy the bacteria and after removal of the spleen the body stays at higher risk of coming across the infection. In children the chance of infection is more than in adults. In almost all cases people come across infection within 10 years of surgery.

Blood clots

There are higher chances of developing blood clots in the chest after the surgery. That is the reason that surgeons at this hospital suggest some breathing and leg exercises which reduces the risk of blood clot.


Do not lift weight

After the surgery the body goes in recovery state and lifting weight can open the wound. It is advised not to do exercises or do any other physical activity. Doctors and physicians at Tirath Ram Shah Charitable Hospital suggest the best time and exercises which one can do after some time of surgery.

Do not take bath

Wet skin happens to be soft and there are stitches on the skin after the surgery. This may open the wound and can even cause bleeding. Once the wound is healed up completely then the doctors can suggest the time by when one can start taking the bath.

Contact to doctor in emergency

Conditions like bleeding, nausea, chills etc are considered as serious conditions after the surgery. One can definitely get in touch with a doctor so that they can diagnose the health according to symptoms and suggest the best way out.


Splenectomy surgery takes a week in recovery and in some people the other organs like the liver take over the work done by the spleen after its removal.  There are some precautions which one can take before and after the surgery and some common impacts of surgery are also present. The increase or decrease in dose suggested by surgeons and physicians can delay the ideal time of getting the results.

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